What Are The Best Smartphones?

As demands for smartphones supply increases from previous years, the producers feel pressured to produce newer versions of smartphones, time to time. The leading smartphones providers are Samsung, iPhones, Microsoft, Sony phones, HTC’s among many other phone companies. In 2016, there are obviously updated phone brands meant to be launched pretty soon and guaranteed to meet the clients’ needs. Smartphone producers are always looking out to improve features of their phones and adding new ones which will make the demands even hotter.

There are latest upcoming smartphones in the market this fall which are offering better services than those produced there before. A number of these phones include;

#1. Apple iPhone 7S/ 7pro


They will be Apple’s brand new signature phones this year. To be released in September, rumors have it that iPhone 7 will have some advanced features than last year’s iPhone 6. With an all-new D-jack headphone jack, Apple will be ditching the old headphone socket. This time round there’s possibility of more than the two usual iPhone models. We may be welcoming a third model, the iPhone 7 pro besides the 7 and 7S models. The new model will be launched with iOS 10 hence likely to have a more powerful hardware than the rest. Apple are also looking into adding a dual camera setup to increase the iPhone’s camera experience.

#2. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 or 7?


Something about the notes that doesn’t run out of style is the S-pen. Predicted to be launched in august, Samsung might apparently be skipping on producing a Note 6 and instead launch a Note 7, how true is this, let’s wait and see. It will feature a 4K screen and with an edge style and a refined design. What we are yet to find out is if it will be VR-ready with new Google daydream’s support. Other rumors have it the upcoming note will have a 5.8 inch Quad HD display alongside a 12-megapixel snapper, interesting it sounds.

#3. HTC 10


A refined model of the HTC M7/8/9, the HTC models are back in the market with a thud! With a metal and enhanced design elements, this is the companies signature looks that never fails. The sound experience with the phone is like no other. If you are a fun of music or videos, the HTC 10 is the phone you’ve been waiting for. If you are looking for a GSM model, HTC is your choice. It comes with a 1-year Uh Oh protection plan which means in case it breaks or get soaks, it can be replaced for free.

#4. LG G5


Sony is back this year with a G5 model whose look is astonishingly gorgeous. The phone is presumed to be a modular phone which simply means you can attach other accessories to it. Being one of the most exiting phones this season, LG has been producing quality smartphones from the rise of the Nexus 4 all the way to G4 released last year. With such a good reputation, LG is most likely to wow us one more time.

#5. Sony Xperia X Performance and XA Ultra


With the Xperia Performance being Sony’s flagship, talks have it that with waterproofing and the Snapdragon 820 processer it will be the smartphone with the highest spec alongside other features like fingerprint sensor, Xperia Performance couldn’t be any better.

XA Ultra is a magnified form of the already existing XA which boosts 1920 by 1080 resolution camera experience in an edge-to-edge display of 6 inches. Like its predecessor phones, has a Mediatek processor and the only advancement is its size.


Above are a few of the greatest handset innovations yet to be witnessed by the end of this year. Behind the scenes, phone companies have been cooking up some of the greatest ideas and smartphone models the industry has ever seen with hyperactive software running them. A few of the gadgets have already hit the market but clients are not yet satisfied as they’re looking out for more.

With competition getting stiffer in the smartphones market, upcoming phones need to be bigger and better. Features need to be advanced and more interesting compared to previously launched phones. As for the companies, they need to be on their toes and make sure they provide quality sleek phones worthy of the big names. Around the corner awaits new devices, so you may want to hold your horses to get a better device than that already available, after all patience does reward highly.