Best Smartphone Battery Charging Tips

A smartphone is a mobile device whose operating system is advanced by combining different features of a computer. They have ability of receiving and making calls, media player, internet and also a personal digital assistant among other important features. The modern world wouldn’t exist, if there were no batteries; having ability to store electric energy. A battery is a fundamental tool in a phone. Removable smartphone batteries are becoming so rare and they need to be taken care of.

Top 9 battery tips for your smartphone

Find out when to charge, what and the settings to manipulate to maximize the battery of your smartphone. Smartphone batteries are designed in a way that they don’t last long and through this, one has to walk along with his/her charger. To solve this problem of lasting longer, the following are the tips.

#1. Carry a spare charger that is outlet free.


Though this, one uses the approved wall charger for the smartphone but if not wired to a power outlet you can charge it with an accessory.

#2. Pamper your battery.


By keeping clean the ports that your battery plugs into. Avoid getting your device hotter than as degree Fahrenheit and limit usage in a cool environment. Carrying a spare to help you pop in, is important to break the hotness of the battery.

#3. Upgrade your device.


Droid turbo 2, with longer batteries than other phones are considered strong since they can deliver up to 48 hours of performance before boosting it.

#4. Economize your smartphone battery


This can be achieved by turning off Wi-Fi since it uses a lot of power. 4G LTE should also turned off if one is not on a strong signal.
– Ensure that the screen is dim as possible.
– Close running apps that are not in use.
– Extension refreshing time.
– Put your device on sleep mode.

#5. Turning off some notifications.


Notifications such as Facebook, breaking news should be turned off since they consume power. This is done for energy conservation.

#6. Changing the smartphone settings.


– Change display setting to make your screen timeout is low.
– Turning Bluetooth off when not in use.
– Turning off your GPS option
– Update the live wallpaper application or look for the latest software
– Making sure to have a favorable battery life for software update.

Look for apps that can monitor your smartphone battery use such as optimizer or battery Graph.

#7. Don’t turn your smartphone off.


Smartphone uses more power off back than if it was left on. Power cycling of the device in every 48 hours by turning off, wait for 15-30 seconds, then turn it on while at home. A power cycle; for turning off inadvertently apps by power cycle reboots.

#8. Charging the smartphone


Rebooting for an optimum performance until the battery reaches down to percent; then fills up to 100%.
Avoid overcharging the smartphone, but when it is new it should.

#9. How to properly charge a smartphone’s battery.


To extend your battery lifespan, you need to;
– Stop charging direct from zero to one hundred percent ;when the smartphone drops below 50 % top up a little. Charging to100% cannot be fatal for your smartphone battery if you want to fully charge it.
– Experts recommend one to do a full 0-100 battery charge once a month to ensure recalibration of the battery.
– Never leave your smartphone in a hot car or near an oven, since the hotter the battery the longer time the effect. Smartphone charges are smart-lithium batteries that have a strong lifespan that provides extra voltage and discharged at low consistent speeds.
– Avoid leaving your smartphone plugged in over the night, or using fast charging when you need it is worth the convenient.
– Keep your battery in a health condition to avoid situations when a smartphone discharges completely to zero in daily basis.

Smartphones with the best battery life

Do you need a smartphone whose battery can last longer? These are some of them;

Droid Turbo 2: This can be used for 48 hours with a standby time of 14 hours. Its best features
Are, Turbo chargers, it charges quickly and also able to get 13 hours of power

For 15 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Notes 5: Can be used for up to 25 hours, having a stand by time of 12 day
Smartphones have contributed a lot towards modern technology and you need to be worried much about your smartphone battery lifespan. Even in this era, it is tough to go much longer than 24 hours without charging your smartphone. Now you have known the reason. Technology goes on and on in improving through intervention of USB power bank which you can use to charge your smartphone.