Apple iPhone 7 Release Date, Price and Specs

It is a certainty that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 7 in 2018, however so far what we have to go on as far as what to expect is concern, are leaked photos, rumours and speculation and it takes common sense, expert opinions and hints from apple themselves, to tell what is true and what is false and what is a possibility. So here is what we know we can expect of the iPhone 7.

Release Date

Going by past launches of Apple products, it is more than likely that the iPhone 7 will be released late September which is about the same time that the iPhone 6 was released in 2015. We know mass production of the handsets will be in full gear by June and we also know that Apple would like to release the Apple watch before that so September should definitely be the month but the exact day will be known later.


It is a bit too early to know the exact pricing but most likely by the time we get to confirm the exact iPhone 7 release date, we will also have the pricing. But judging from the price of its predecessor, the iPhone 6, we can estimate that it will be within the $700 to $800 range with an option of a monthly fee not more than $28 per month.


So what can you expect from the iPhone7 at that price?

Slimmer than ever: This is not just speculation, it is a fact that Apple are going for a much thinner design for the iPhone 7. Today thinner is better and sleeker so that is what they will be going for. This will, in turn, affect other features of the phone.

No headphone jack: In order for the phone to be thin, the 3.5 mm headphone jack has to be omitted. It is all good anyway since headphone jack technology has been around for years it is high time it is replaced. So it will be replaced with the lightning port. This will mean better audio quality from the lightning headsets but it also will present a challenge when you want to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time. The solution would have been wireless charging which is also one of the rumours but we do not see that happening with the iPhone7, probably in future designs. However, it is likely that there will be included, a set of wireless ear plugs. Apple have patented a name Airpods which seems to suggest they intend to use these wireless earbuds along with the lighting headsets so if you want to charge your phone, you can use the AirPods- So Cool!

Camera: Apple has 800 experts who work on design of their cameras so it is only natural that you would expect a better and improved camera. From leaked photos of the case for the iPhone7, it is evident that there is more space cut out for the camera which would indicate a camera with a wider view. From rumours circulating, we can expect dual camera technology which will allow for different angle shots. The camera will also be equipped with zoom technology and a flash system. True the IPhone 6 already upped the game with better quality pictures but Apple seem to be cooking something even better with the iPhone 7. The area around the camera also will not protrude like with the 6 so it will be flat.

Security: It has been on the news for a while now. Apple are trying to create an even more secure phone with better encryption following their issues with the FBI. It is very likely that the iPhone 7 will possess that improved encryption so that no one can access information stored on the cloud storage.

Bigger battery: There have been complaints about the iPhone 6 which has a smaller battery and therefore shorter life. The iPhone7 will feature a bigger battery which will give more power for longer. Leaked photos show a clearly larger battery that will provide 7.04 Watt-hour power. The bigger battery though would mean more space needed so with the slimmer size, you can believe that Apple have found a way of making miniaturized components like the processor and 3D touch components.

Screen: The screen is expected to be about 4.7inch for the iPhone 7 and 5.5inch for the iphone7 plus. Not much is expected to change about the screen in comparison to the iPhone 6.

Components: iPhones usually come with improved speeds each year, so going by that we can expect an A10 chip powering the phone which will give it faster processing speeds that the 6. It should also have increased storage of about 4GB RAM. A number of sources also say Apple will use Intel technology for the modem supply. It is likely it will use intel 7360 LTE which will provide 450Mbps download speeds and about 100Mbps upload speed.

Other rumours

There are other rumours about what to expect but these seem to be a bit far fetched. For example, there is talk about Apple ditching the home key. This just doesn’t seem possible at the moment. We may see that happen later on but right now No! Some people are already excited about the phone being waterproof but again there is not enough evidence to believe this so just do not drop it in water.

Well, we will have to wait until September to know how spot on all these anticipated features were.